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The Gorge

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The Gorge is a truly deep V-neck, and was inspired and named after the largest canyon in Europe, Les Gorges du Verdon in France.

The entire supply chain from the fiber production to packaging has been kept in the EU to ensure fair and safe labor practices across all suppliers we work with.

The Gorge comes in 2 skin tones (nude and copper) to further ensure that it will stay invisible even under a thin white shirt. Unlike traditional undershirt, they will never turn yellow!

The Gorge is 4% elastane and 96% TENCEL, a fiber to keep you pleasantly cool and dry day and night. TENCEL is softer than cotton, naturally odor-resistant, and sweat-wicking.

The Gorge has several unique design features to give you the perfect V-neck. 

Design Features Benefits
Deep and broad V-neck Stays out of sight even with the top-3 buttons of a shirt open
Flat seams neckline prevents a visible collar outline under a shirt
Slanted sleeve eliminates all visible lines on the outer biceps under a shirt
Double-layer armpit increases protection against armpit sweat

Curved styling on bottom

hangs at waist level with stylish and athletic profile.

no need to tuck it in.

TENCEL fabric breathable, soft, oder-resistant fabric, and sweat-wicking