Sustainability and Fair Trade

Cartons containing the first production shipment of LESPIRANT LCUT undershirts in 2017 from

Nobody gets screwed

Noboby should get screwed in our supply chain, from the environment to harvest our raw material to the factory workers sewing our products. This is our simple yet blunt motto for fair trade and sustainability business practices and is an on-going journey. Our motto reflects our driving guideline that everyone along our supply chain should earn a decent living to raise a family.

In a world where sustainability and fair trade are after-thoughts, we at LESPIRANT do not want to build our brand on the back of cheap and exploited labor in unsafe working condition. While costs always remain a challenge, we trust you will value a product ethically made in a supply chain where no one got screwed or exploited.

The Driving Guidelines along our Supply Chain

Raw Material

Our fabric is 94% TENCEL, which is a viscose fiber produced by Lenzing made from trees harvested from sustainably managed forests in Austria. The closed-loop production plant outputs quasi zero toxic waste. Every year Lenzing continue to be re-cognized as one of the most sustainable companies in the fashion industry. Read more about Lenzing here.


Manufactoring is 100% done in the EU with our fabric made in France and Portugal, and our undershirts sewn in Portugal. Standard factory workers benefits include: health insurance, retirement fund, paid over time Our manufacturing partners support work/life balance offering their employees at least 4weeks paid vacation and a mininum of 3 months paid maternity leave.


We take an minimalist approach to design to minimize waste - No wasteful ornamental paper or hard card board boxes - Packaging is a simple biodegradable plastic bag.


Our shipping envelops are made from recycled paper