The Gorge deep V-neck undershirt from LESPIRANT laying flat

The Gorge

The Gorge is a TENCEL deep V-neck with well-thought out design features to make it an elegant yet functional V-neck:

  • Flat collar seams
  • a pinched V
  • Slanted sleeves
  • Athletic bottom cut
I want my Gorge
  • Close up on the flat seam collar of the LESPIRANT Gorge V-neck undershirt

    Flat Seam Collar & Pinched V

    The flat seams keep a low profile under a shirt, and the pinched V keeps it elegant

  • Close up on the slanted sleeve design of the LESPIRANT Gorge V-neck undershirt

    Slanted Sleeves

    The slanted sleeve design keeps a double-layer of TENCEL fabric under the armpit where it is needed most, and keeps the external side of the arm free of sleeve to avoid a horizontal sleeve shadow under a shirt

  • Close up on the curved bottom cut of the LESPIRANT Gorge V-neck undershirt

    Athletic Bottom Cut

    The bottom is curved, giving the Gorge an athlectic and stylish look.

    The bottom is at the waist level so you do not need to tuck it up under shirt.