Should You Wear an Undershirt?

Should You Wear an Undershirt?

Ever since the undershirt became a wardrobe essential, all men and women have struggled with the same undershirt dilemma: to wear or not an undershirt. 

The main reasons to wear an undershirt are:

  • To absorb sweat to avoid sweat stains under your armpit or back
  • To protect your dress shirt from deodorant and yellow stains
  • To keep your dress shirt cleaner so you can wear it more than once before washing it
  • To keep you warm in cold environments

But there are downsides to wearing an undershirt:

  • The white collar may be visible if you leave the top two buttons open
  • The sleeves and collar outline can be visible under a white or light colored shirt
  • It's warm to wear
  • It feels constraining

There is nothing sexy about wearing a visible undershirt, a major fashion faux-pas, but visible sweat stains are also a big no-no. Up to now, you had to choose the lesser of two evils...but these days are over.

Simple ideas can be deceptively effective and yet for mysterious reasons, can take years, decades, centuries to come to light. The L-Cut open front design belongs in that league of ideas. Cutting out the front the undershirt turning it into an undervest gives you all the benefits of undershirt without any of the downsides.

  • The collar will never be visible
  • The open front makes it ultra breathable and not hot to wear
  • The skin tone color ensures the sleeves stay invisible even a thin white or light colored shirt
  • you won't have any visible sweat stain under your armpit or on your back
  • Your dress shirt will last longer with yellow deodorant stains
  • You'll take fewer trips to the dry cleaner for your dress shirts

So to wear or not an undershirt is no longer a question because you can always wear your L-Cut!